East Sheen, south London: a prosperous area where schools rule

As a once young American, I have always wondered what life would be like for me living abroad. And the areas mentioned in this article would be perfect for my family and me. I say, when you dream, dream big!


There are few certainties in the property market but it’s a given that anywhere with a glut of good primary schools gets families flocking in. East Sheen is fortunate enough to have more decent schools than most.

The most-sought after primaries include East Sheen, Marshgate and Sheen Mount, all not merely good but rated outstanding by Ofsted. In September, new free school Thomson House opened to its first intake of reception pupils. Despite having everything still to prove, such was the weight of expectation prior to its launch that it was rumoured to be the most over-subscribed primary school in the borough of Richmond.

Academic excellence aside, these primaries are also renowned for their small catchment areas, so houses in the streets within them are as coveted as the school places themselves.

‘Many buyers are families with small children, looking at homes between £700,000 and £1.2million,’ says Philip Tibble of Featherstone…

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