‘Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful’ Adorable child politely thanks mother despite terrible men’s underpants gift

This is what gratefulness looks like. This little girl is so darling. I hope her mom got her a real gift.


(Picture: YouTube) (Picture: YouTube)

Scroll down for video

This terrible birthday present really can be described as pants.

Yes, a mother decided it would be hilarious to give her young daughter a pair of oversized men’s underpants as a birthday present.

But the joke was on the woman, Jessi Eaton, after the prank completely backfired.

(Picture: YouTube) (Picture: YouTube)

When her daughter received the present, given in a colouful bag, the little girl was so polite she thanked her mother over and over, telling her it was a ‘beautiful’ gift.

‘Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful,’ the girl said in a clip uploaded to YouTube.

‘What is it?’ the Ms Eaton asked in the video.

‘It’s pants!’


(Picture: YouTube) (Picture: YouTube)

‘Yeah, I like it!’ the unnamed little girl said, before placing the underwear on her head and wearing it like a scarf.

‘These are so beautiful, this is my special present,’ she added.



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