Corpse attacked in casket

This is a shameful crime and all because of a man. Shaynna Smith is a dangerous woman. The authorities should put her in a mental institution and throw away the key. She is a danger to herself and to others!


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TULSA, Oklahoma (KJRH) – Tulsa police have arrested a woman who they say slashed a woman’s corpse at a funeral home.

The 26-year-old Tulsa woman remained jailed Monday and faces a misdemeanor complaint of illegal dissection.

It’s unclear what prompted the mutilation, but police spokesman Shane Tuell says the suspect is dating the deceased woman’s ex-boyfriend.

Officers responded Thursday evening to a report of vandalism after witnesses say the suspect placed her hands inside the casket. The dead woman’s face was cut from her hairline to the tip of her nose, her makeup was smeared and her hair was on the floor.

Police arrested the suspect at the dead woman’s apartment. They say she was carrying a folding knife with the woman’s hair still attached.

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